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MintedVodka joins IOTA Assembly/Shimmer Networks

Dear Community,

Today we would like to announce our partnership with the IOTA ecosystem to onboard MintedVodka as the central meeting-point for NFTs on the upcoming cutting-edge networks: Shimmer and Assembly.

Some of you may know that our team has been involved in the development of IOTA node software back in 2017, especially related to auto-peering solutions. Since then we have remained big fans of the technology and the huge vibrant community with millions of fans world-wide.

As the launch of these innovative EVM-compatible networks (Shimmer and Assembly) approaches, we have agreed to on-board them as preferred chains in MintedVodka. Thus, all the current and future MV tools will become available to the IOTA community.

Going a step further, we envision MintedVodka to become the central meeting point on IOTA networks for NFT creators, users and traders. We are already building strong partnerships with leading projects in the space to have a strong position and impact for the upcoming launch.

GAT Network is also in close contact with IOTA engineers to provide our feedback and support in technical matters regarding the network layer and requirements for sophisticated DApps like MV.

In the long run, we will also explore the possibility to launch “casual P2E games” on these networks.

Naturally, these developments will help GAT Network reach thousands of new NFT enthusiasts in a different ecosystem. Deployments of our products there will give new use-cases to the GATe token as well.

For us this development is a huge step forward! We love the IOTA community and it feels like a homecoming. Great opportunities are shimmering on the multi-chain road ahead of us :-)



Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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