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Today we would like to provide a summary of our major activities during the last months for everyone who didn’t have the time to follow closely.

As you know GAT Network consists of different products. In the current market situation, it made the most sense for us to focus on our NFT Marketplace Minted Vodka.

We introduced minting service and other technical features like an improved bridge, user profiles, increased size limit for files to mint etc.

At the same time, we keep engaging with NFT artist on Twitter to win targeted followers.

New Partnership

One reason to focus on the marketplace is because we started to cooperate with the IOTA Blockchain and became part of their incubation program (Touchpoint) and the assembly Ecosystem.

IOTA is adding their much-expected L2 network (Shimmer) right now and growing their ecosystem. We are very excited to be part of this and do our best to contribute to the ecosystem.

The ShimmerEVM testnet was launched lately and Minted Vodka is the FIRST PUBLIC PROJECT on the ShimmerEVM Testnet!

All existing functions and features like mystery-boxes, bulk deals etc. are available. And of course all NFTs can be bridged between Shimmer EVM (Testnet) and other supported networks like Polygon, BNB Chain, Telos etc.

We prepared videos and information for you to get started and mint your NFTs at our multichain market:

New Branding

Apart from developing our products, we have improved our branding to appear more recognisable especially on social media. In this context we are undertaking various activities like an educational series, how to-videos, Twitter spaces and more.


We are delighted to announce that Minted Vodka NFT Marketplace now includes OKC as one of the supported chains!

If you would like to learn more check out this post…

GAT -> GATE Liquidity Switch completed

It has been announced long ago that the future of GAT Network is with the relaunched multichain GATe token.

So, it makes sense that the liquidity also starts reflecting it 🤓

In November most of the liquidity that serves GAT will switch to a new single BNB<->GATe PancakeSwap pool. Monday November 7th we plan to conclude the liquidity switch from GAT to GATe.

For more information go to our latest Medium post

Minted Vodka for free — or The new Bridge

As we keep adding new EVM networks to MintedVodka, the challenges of providing the GATE token on all the chains become more apparent. GATE was used to pay for the market deal fees and bridging expenses, but GATE is not always readily accessible.

Often, there are no liquidity pools on the smaller chain, or the pools are tiny, and the price fluctuations are enormous. So on a smaller network, a user would need to bridge GATE from the “Binance Smart Chain” to create new deals or bridge items to another chain.

We did the following upgrades to remove this obstacle and onboard new users easier.

No deal fees:
Starting now, you can create any deal type on any chain without paying fees. Only the network’s gas fees apply. The same applies to the buyer of your deal…

You can read the full article on Medium

Massive increase in minting limits

Following the introduction of free (gas-only) minting services, there have been some requests to increase the file size limit on minting. Unfortunately this was an infrastructure design limitation, and couldn’t be increased by a simple configuration change, but Minted Vodka have listened to the users, and implemented an infrastructure change to increase this limit.

As such the size limit on minting items on Minted Vodka have been increased ten times from the old 5 MB per item, all the way up to a new limit of 50 MB per item!

Crypto made easy with MintedVodka

In order to contribute to a safe crypto space and increase our visibility we started an educational campaign.

The first edition explains security audits and why they are important to protect crypto users.

To provide as much security as possible and protect users from damage due to buggy code or fraud, serious crypto projects have their code reviewed by independent parties…

Find the whole Twitter thread here:

How to-videos

You would like to check out the Minted Vodka NFT Market but don’t know where to start? No problem!

We started to release a series of video tutorial on how to use the platform and added them to a new Youtube account.

Here is a basic video to get an overview on the platform

GAT Network and Telos support emerging artists with shopping spree

Minted Vodka’s and Telos’ partnership with a shopping spree on this new innovative NFT platform took place on Thursday 11th August and was a great success.

During the shopping spree everyone got together on a Twitter space and the recording is available if you missed everything that was said!

Thanks to all the art projects that listed their NFTs — GAT Network (parent project of Minted Vodka) and Telos were very happy to be able to use the shopping spree to buy many of the listed items.

You can find the whole report below this link and we hope to run another Telos Shopping Spree soon!

Updates & Communication

Instead of Telegram AMAs we started to host Twitter Spaces to give updates and answer community questions.

This proved to be very welcome and lots of people tune in!

The next Twitter Space will happen in late November.

If you missed earlier Spaces you can listen to the recordings on Twitter — for example the episode of Nov 8

Thanks for your attention! If you have questions, remarks, ideas please let us on in the comments or on Twitter!



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