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Roadmap Adjustment For Traction

Dear Community,

as it has been announced in the previous post regarding the re-launch of Alchemy Toys as a “Casual P2E” game (with a long-term funding and traction as focus), we have moved ahead with adjusting our roadmap.

Those of you who follow our Community Hour AMAs know, that GAT Network has faced some challenges in the past months that were unexpected early in the year (you can find some transcripts on this Medium blog). For example:

  • The war in Ukraine has temporarily reduced our planned development resources in Eastern Europe.
  • Due to the same war GAT Network team has been engaged in helping family members as well as other refugees from Ukraine.
  • The bear market has extended some conversations with potential partners — things move slower ahead than we would like them to… but they move ;-)

However, we tackle these issues one by one and use the bear market to keep building no matter what and no matter how fast.

We are also very busy with the restructuring of business and development processes to make things leaner and more scalable in the near future (for example to onboard developers and business team members, once more resources are available). Unfortunately, this is not something you can “see” from the outside.

Regarding the roadmap we needed to take into account the current situation in the world and our available resources. This is why we need to restructure and take into account the things that we already have and which things to prioritize to have the most impact.

Instead of running many developments and experiments at once, we will streamline our development. First of all, we will focus on things that should have most impact on the GAT Network and its long-term success. This means focusing on “traction first” — get more movement in our games and our trading platforms.

We see the re-launch of AlchemyToys as a promising vector to achieve more traction. Therefore, we have changed the roadmap to accommodate resources for this project. Please note that the roadmap for 2022 is now structured in two halves (just as in 2021): “Q1+Q2” and “Q3+Q4”. Furthermore there is a “Planning”-tab where we have placed things that we want to do, but have not assigned resources to yet.

The team is motivated and in a great mood! We have learned a lot since the launch of the first product a year ago. We are funded (in crypto and fiat) to keep building and use our know-how wisely to emerge stronger over the next months!



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