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Update: Games Insights & Toys Overview

A lot of players have been waiting for this week´s updates — let me give you a quick overview!

Turn history

Latest player actions really sucked lately — finally the 100 latest actions within the game are displayed at the main page in the Alchemy Toys DApp

Also for every player /wallet a complete turn history is now available

Helpful details added

Within every action item cycle/ epoch is now displayed.

Godhood / Enlightenment

Alchemy Gods and enlightend players are now displayed correctly!



Toy Overview

Finally you can see all Toys used in the game at one glance!

–> My Toys deck –> Toys Stats



Special Toys

These NFTs got a lot of attention this week. At the website there is a complete explanation of the highly collectible Toys and an overview of all Special Toys now




Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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