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Update: Review May/June & next steps

Dear Alchemists,

We noticed that we have been very focused on product development and business operations lately. Time for an update!

It might look like not much has happend, but we actually made important progress:

NFT Exchange launch

The beta version of our NFT exchange “Minted Vodka” it set to launch on June 28th. We really hope that Solidity Finance finished the audit by then as they promised because we would prefer to have their approval for the launch.

Concerning the NFT exchange we set ourselves high goals in terms of functionality and features. Developing those took longer than the original plans back in April/ May — but the result is much stronger this way! There are many more ideas for unique features but we will implement them bit by bit within the next months and launch Minted Vodka in June, as promised.

For those who are interested we would love to give some insight on what else has been going on lately:

We managed to finish some important tasks successfully. We took time for these one-time efforts to build a stable business foundation in addition to a stable product.

Business Operations


Earning cryptocurrency as a business and selling a Token is something very new for tax authorities and tax advisors. After tons of explanations and coordination our tax advisory had to set up a financial accounting process that is totally new to them.

Now this is done and running smoothly!


Getting a business account on an Exchange also took many weeks and a ridiculous amount of paperwork. This crucial because as a business we cannot simply swap BNB via a DEX or a private account at an Exchange. But since we have to pay bills and taxes (a lot of taxes actually…) in Fiat currency, there was no way around that.

We are all set up here now!

Setting up a solid financial planning has also been important during the last weeks.

We are not going to complain about the current market situation in crypto at the moment. We just take it as it is. Still — we plan our spending very carefully at the moment in order to maintain enough cashflow to build full-time for as long as possible even under difficult market conditions.

As of now we are well covered!

Marketing & Partnerships

What also cost much time was talking to many people who approached us with business proposals. No surprise that most of them were rather trying to sell us nonsense for a lot of cash. Still evaluating possible partnerships requires time.

Anyway, some great people who approached us were really nice and helpful and we are in good contact with them! There are also possible promising partnerships in discussion, a topic for a later post perhaps.

Exciting times ahead!

GAT Network

A very positive thing we invested time to is this new website that is supposed to gather all our activities in one place and serve as an information hub.

Next Steps

Next big release is the Marketplace (Minted Vodka NFT Exchange) on June 28th — finally!
We reserve some time for post-launch bugfixing afterwards.

An important step after this will be to create a piece of software to collect better game statistics. It will be available for everyone and we plan to use it to run fun Challenges and GAT airdrops.

A main focus will be on boosting public relations afterwards. A good part of the product will be delivered at this time and we need to enlarge the audience.

Hopefully this short review and preview gives you a good feeling about what we are working on — we keep on buidling and hodling!



Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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