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Update: Toys Rarity and more…

Maybe you have already noticed: some very interesting metrics have been added at the Toys overview in the Alchemy Toys DApp.

Let me quickly explain these a little:

When you visit the DApp –> My Toys Deck –> and the click on Toys Stats you will find this view:



Not only do you have here an overview of all Toys that exist in the game (find Special Toys here)

You also can explore some helpful statistics and filters.

In this example you can see that the rarity of the Black Queen in this moment is 2.1 (pink) — the higher this factor is, the more rare this Toy is at the moment.

The yellow number shows the amount of Black Queens that exist at the moment and the blue number show how many Black Queens have been minted in total. The blue number hereby shows the highest serial number existing at the moment.

Means the difference between the blue and the yellow number is the amount of Black Queens that have been burned. If you divide the blue number (minted in total) by the yellow number you get the rarity (pink)

At this basis you can use many different filters to get valuable information for your gameplay and also your strategy as a collector…



For example can you use the filters to find out which are the most rare Toys at the moment. In the example below it is the Ouija Borad with a rarity of 7.4 (only 28 exist at the moment).

This helps to find a price in case you want to sell this Toy at the Marketplace. Or it also gives you advice if an offer at the Marketplace is priced reasonably — if you don´t think so just use the counteroffer function to make an offer you think suits better.

If your wallet is connect, the explorer additionally gives you an overview on which Toys you already own (green checkmark) and which ones you have sacrified already (flame symbol).

If you click on the blue symbol (above the pink number) — you are forwarded to the Marketplace where all deals that contain this Toys are displayed in case you want to buy it to complete your collection.

If you have any questions visit our Discord or Telegram group!



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