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Win-Win: Buy Special Toys with a discount — Secure liquidity for GAT

Since last week Special Toys are available in Treasury Deals at Minted Vodka. Often they sell quicker than we can list them. This is great since all the earnings flow into the game treasury of Alchemy Toys!

We decided to provide another option to buy Special Toys — meet Liquidity Deals!

Liquidity Deals are a new category on Minted Vodka. We will offer Special Toys there that can be paid with Liquidity Pool Token from the Pancake Swap. Those LP Token will be kept in one contract. We collect them and would use them either for a top-tier listing or for key marketing activities. Nice side-effect: For all Special Toys that are sold via Liquidity Deals the Liquidity at the Pancake Swap grows. This way we try to diversify the liquidity among several pools to make the GAT financially more stable.

Monitor the contract that collects the LP token here:

Of course it is a bit more effort to get LP Token first to pay Special Toys with it — therefore the Special Toys at Liquidity Deals will be offered with a 10–15% discount (compared to Treasury Deals).

We calculated how much LP Token represent 1 BNB by providing 1 BNB Liquidity ourselves this morning. For that around 56 GAT were necessary and we got 5.887 LP.

Meaning 2 BNB equal around 5.887 LP –> 1 LP = 0,34 BNB –> 1BNB = 2,94 LP


The Liquidity Deals are very recognisable due to their green frame.

As with the Treasury Deals the price will increase over time due to the rarity of Special Toys.

Special Toys get their value for being highly collectible since they are very limited. Only exception is the “Dragonslayer” so far. A Dragonslayer can by minted by melting 2 Golden Dragons in Alchemy Toys.

Apart from that many Special Toys will have a super-power in our upcoming NFT Game “Alchemy Arena” but not all of them. Find more about that here

Liquidity Deals are free to use for everyone who wants to support GAT. If you use Liquidity Deals be aware that the earnings go 100% to the LP Reserves held in the before mentioned contract.



Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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