Gateways to Awakening

Today, people are suffering from stress and anxiety-like no other time in history. Mental illness is on the rise, and people are either self-medicating or numbing out with a variety of distractions.

I’m excited to share the launch of my new podcast, Gateways to Awakening, which is now a part of the # 1 Middle East podcast platform, Hakawati.

In one on one conversations with leading experts in wellness and spirituality, Gateways to Awakening will share best practices and offer a gateway to help those who are interested expand their awareness and consciousness.

We’ll be asking these questions and more:

For the modern-day seekers, Gateways on Awakening asks these questions and explores conversations with experts in their fields.

Some of the upcoming shows include topics like:

We have guests from Oprah’s Super Soul conversations, academics in Reiki and Shiatsu, Chinese medicine practitioners, and even one of the leading experts on The Secret.

Stay tuned for weekly shows!



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