Create a Photo Book Quickly Using Google Photos

Immortalizing the past in the tangible form of a photo book is a meaningful way to share your memories with the people who mean the most to you. Google Photos offers one of the most affordable and easy to use options for creating a photo book that we’ve personally used.

There are several ways to go about a photo book project, but here is our straightforward method.

IMPORTANT: There is a minimum of 20 photos required to purchase a photo book via Google Photos.

Identify a theme

Typically your photo book will have a theme that captures a significant experience and/or period of time. Here are a few examples:

  • The first year of your child’s life
  • Your decade living in Chicago
  • College life at Purdue
  • Your first trip to India

Use search to build an album for the photo book based on your theme

Please see our guide on using Google Photos search to create an album with a set of photos for your photo book. Don’t worry about organizing your photos at this point, the goal is to create a pool of photos that you can use for a first pass at the photo book.

Create your first pass

Once you’ve got the album for your photo book ready, drop it into a photo book.

  • Click/tap on the Albums tab
  • Select the album you created for the photo book
  • Click/tap on the overflow menu
Mobile overflow menu
  • Click/tap Create photo book

Your photos will be automatically added to the photo book in order of the date the photos were taken.

Adjust the cover and spine

Set the text and choose the photo you’d like to appear on the cover.

Cover and spine settings in the browser on desktop/laptop
Cover and spine settings in the mobile app

Adjust photo order

You can drag and drop photos into the order you desire. Please note that only one photo per page is supported.

Rearrange/reorder photos in desktop/laptop browser
In the mobile app, once you’ve tapped Reorder and delete pages, you’ll need to do a long press on a photo in order to drag it to change the page order.


On each page, you can choose from one of three different layouts if you’re not happy with the page layout that was automatically selected.

Layout settings in the browser on desktop/laptop
Layout settings in the mobile app

Optional: Add captions

You can add a caption to enrich each page. Please note the length of the caption is limited to 93 characters and you cannot change the font nor font formatting (size, color, et al). You cannot add a caption if you selected a full page layout (e.g., the photo takes up the entire page.

Set captions in the browser on desktop/laptop
Set captions in the mobile app

Iterate as needed

Add/remove photos, rearrange the photos, edit your captions, and/or make any other changes until you are happy with the photo book.

Pro Tip: When adding or removing a photo, we suggest also adding/removing the photo in the album you created as well. This way if you want to start the photo book over again, you’ll have the right set of photos.

Purchase and ship it

Click/tap on the Cart button to see the different photo book options and pricing.

The cart button in the browser on desktop/laptop
The cart button in the mobile app

After selecting an option, you’ll be guided through a few more steps to pay for and ship your new creation. Sending a copy to different people is also super easy which will save you some additional time.

We hope this makes your photo book project easier! Photo books take some work and thought, but Google Photos makes it easy, keeps the cost reasonable, and the end result is a meaningful keepsake that friends and family appreciate and tend to take care of for many years.

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