How to Adjust the Date, Time, or Location of a Photo/Video in Google Photos

Setting the date, time and location of your photos and videos, or metadata, is one of the best ways to make Google Photos a more useful and even smarter photo app.

What the heck is metadata for my photos and videos?

By definition, metadata is “a set of data that describes and gives information about other data”. Clear as mud? Let’s see if we can make it more understandable.

Cameras and mobile devices typically embed extra information about a photo/video with the photo/video itself. There are many different types of data that can be included but some common examples include:

  • Date and time the photo/video was taken
  • Location of the photo/video
  • The device used to capture the photo or video

This extra information is metadata. Metadata is most commonly added to your photos/videos using the Exif format. For this reason, sometimes people refer to metadata as “exif data”.

The most relevant metadata pertaining to Google Photos is:

  • Date and time the photo/video was taken
  • Location of the photo/video (GPS data)

If metadata is included in a photo/video that you upload to Google Photos, there are some really useful benefits. For example:

  • Google Photos automatically organizes photos/videos based on date and location
  • Google Photos automatically enables you to search your photo library based on date and location

How do I adjust the date, time, and location for a photo or video in Google Photos?

Regardless of whether or not the metadata was embedded in your photo/video, you can manually add or edit date and location in Google Photos.

Change the date/time

Changing the date/time on mobile

If you need step-by-step instructions, please follow Google’s help guide to edit the date.

Change the location

Changing the location on desktop

If you need step-by-step instructions, please follow this help guide to edit the location. Please note that you cannot currently edit the location on a mobile device.

Is metadata missing for photos and videos in your library?

For those of you who wish it was easier to find your photos and videos, making sure you have the correct date, time and location set for your photos/videos is the easiest way to make that wish come true. More specifically, it makes Google Photos search more useful and makes the assistant even smarter. So if you notice some photos or videos that don’t have the right date or location, take a few seconds and update them. You’ll probably be reminded of a good memory in the process. For photos/videos where you can’t recall the date and location, well… they say ginkgo biloba is really helpful for boosting your memory.