Use a Google Photos Live Album to More Easily Share Pictures of your Kids or Pets

Are there certain people in your life who would love to see ALL of the pictures of your kids or pets as they are added to your Google Photos library? Google Photos Live albums can automatically share photos/videos of people and pets that you add to your library with friends and family members you designate.

Before we start, we recommend ONLY using this feature with people that 1) you love and trust that and 2) would want access to this full stream of memories. For us, this is only a few people. When we say a “full stream of memories”, we mean that if you have the Back up & sync setting enabled in the Google Photos app on your iOS or Android device, every single photo or video you take that includes the people or pets you specify in the Live album will automatically be shared and accessible by those trusted few. If this gives you pause, then using a regular shared album versus a Live album may be a better fit for you.

With that disclaimer out of the way, Live albums does almost all of the work for you and the set up is just a few short steps.

How to create a Live album

1) Click/tap on the Albums tab and then on the + button to create a new album.

Albums > New album on desktop
Albums > New album on mobile

2) Set the title and click/tap on the Automatically add photos of people & pets button.

Add title and choose “Automatically add…” to create the Live album on desktop
Add title and choose “Automatically add…” to create the Live album on mobile

3) Select the people or pets whose photos/videos you want to have automatically published to the Live album and then click/tap the Turn on button.

After this, any photos that include the people or pets you chose that you add to your Google Photos library will be automatically added to the Live album.

Choose people or pets on desktop
Choose people or pets on mobile

5) Click/tap on the Share button.

Share the Live album on desktop
Share the Live album on mobile

6) Add friends and family that you want to have access and you’re done!

Choose who you want to share the Live album with on desktop
Choose who you want to share the Live album with on mobile

As you can see, this is a “set it and forget it” feature. Google Photos does all the work for you once you’ve created your Live album.

This is a great solution for those wishing to share every image of a person or pet. If that’s you, have fun giving your friends and family the photo updates they crave without lifting a finger!

We hope this guide has been helpful to show you all the ways you can use Google Photos to share your photos/videos. If you’re hooked on Google Photos like we are, here are some other Google Photos guides we created. And if you’re just getting started with Google Photos and looking for an easy way to get all your photos and videos in your library, give Gather a try!