Gather Product Updates — August 2019

Eric Campbell
Aug 31, 2019 · 4 min read

Eric Campbell

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Thanks to the continued support of our early adopters, we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs, implementing new features, and creating important partnerships for what’s next. See below for all the new features and improvements to look out for in the app.

New Design

Gather has been completely redesigned based on all of the feedback from early users. When viewing a trip or event, the content is now organized into four different tabs: Details, Chat, Map, and Feed.

Details — Contains all of the trip information, including the Participants, Agenda, Suggestions, Expenses, Polls, Flights, and Accommodations.

Chat — Automatic group chat built into each trip and event, accessible to everyone on the trip.

Map — A map for your trip that allows you to share your location real-time with everyone in the group, and also shows the locations of all the activities, accommodations, and destinations on your trip.

Feed — The feed allows everyone on the trip to share pictures & videos with each other. At the end of the trip, we’ll generate a TripStream video for you, using all of the media from your trip.

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Event Planning

In addition to trip planning, you can now plan special events on Gather — easily invite friends to your birthday party, bbq, house party, watching party, a day at the park, tailgating, or whatever social gathering you’re planning.

Events will show up on the home screen above the trips, in a horizontal list. All events have the same features as a trip, including the details, group chat, map, and feed.

All trips and events will now show a green bubble with the number of notifications for changed details, chat messages, media, and map updates.

Trip Details

The trip details screen has been consolidated so it’s easier to find details about your trip. Each section will now also show a green notification bubble if the data has changed since the last time you’ve viewed it, making it easy to find what‘s new.

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Trip Participants

Managing Trip Participants just got easier. You can now easily invite Gather friends, contacts from your phone, or invite directly via email or phone number if you prefer not to sync your contacts.


The agenda screen now shows all the arriving flight information for everyone, alongside your activities. It also shows the check in and check out dates for your accommodations.

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The polls results will now show you everyone who has voted for each option.

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Flight Confirmations

There was a bug which caused the flight times to be stored incorrectly, and this has been fixed. You can now also manually edit and delete confirmations.

There’s also a new button called “Add Me”, which will add you to an existing flight confirmation if you’re on the same flight — just enter your seat number and you’ll be added!


You can now manually add your accommodation information, making it much easier to coordinate your own properties.

In addition to adding your own property, you can now add an address to the accommodation, special instructions to enter the property (i.e. a PIN code), the booked days, and the check-in/check-out times.

Accommodations with booked days/times will show up on the Agenda, and accommodations with an address will now show up on the Trip Map.


You can now upload up to 24 pictures and videos at once. We’ll order them chronologically if the meta information exists in the photos — making it easy for everyone to combine all the media they took during the trip.

You can also caption each media item, and flip through them like a story for your trip.

Have Any Feedback, Feature Requests, or Suggestions?

Please email us at — we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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