CEO Bob Leonard Discusses MegaTrends

Look at your phone. Do you realize what is in your possession right now? This small, square device is a miracle in the palm of your hands — created by humans just like you and I. This little device is able to talk to outer space, enabling you to talk one-on-one with people from all over the world — all within milliseconds. Think about that. It may sound trivial, but remember that this was once a fictional concept.

As Bob Leonard, CEO of iMobile3, explained to our GatorTech fam yesterday, our world is rapidly changing thanks to the ongoing progressions made in technology. IMobile3, builds commercial-grade mobile applications for companies like Home Depot, Carnival Cruise, and more. So, basically, they create big, complex applications to make our lives easier. Leonard pinpointed many topics, but heavily emphasized the concept of foreseeing the future of megatrends. Understandably, Leonard encourages us to persistently stay updated on the unrelenting changes in the world of technology. In fact, Leonard stays up to date with about ten sources on his phone (aka “miracle device”), alone. Leonard began his college career right here in the Swamp, then transferred to enemy territory (shout-out to FSU), and graduated with a job at Price Waterhouse (PwC) — which he credits most of his business knowledge to. He advises all college graduates to start their journeys with a Big 4 company, in consulting practice, for 2–3 years, then get out. “They will grind you to death, but you will learn a lot.”

So, what scary trends are we heading towards? Mobile wallets. That’s right, no longer will you have to carry around your cute little accessory, because everything you need will be right there on your miracle device (aka “cell phone”). That is actually what inspired Leonard to start his company — he saw the iPhone catching fire (not literally) and knew that mobile apps would be the next huge mega-trend. Now, iMobile3 is working on mobile payment apps for tablets and phones. Leonard says that notion of mobile payments isn’t even a mega-trend at this point… it has been done and it’s about to revolutionize the retail industry.

So, that’s it, ladies and gents. Grab your miracle device cell phones, and get ready for the next worldwide revolution. Be sure to SnapChat it.