The Equation to Life

Are you frustrated? Good, you’re on the right track.

At least, that’s what our fellow GatorTech member (shout out to Rachel Halfaker) discussed with us during our last meeting. Halfaker is a fellow Gator, studying Information Systems, with a heated passion for using technology to help underdeveloped countries. After hopping on a plane and walking amongst the tropical villages of Haiti, Halfaker saw something bad… she saw poverty, and lots of it. Halfaker decided that she would use digital communication to pair privileged and underprivileged countries together in one collaborative environment.

Here’s one golden piece of advice from Halfaker: panic. You’re young and you’re learning. Despite how you feel, you are normal. Once you’re done having a meltdown, do a little hunting — find your story. Find out what you’re good at and what makes you “tick”. Ticking? Fantastic. Now, use your skill to help your community. Everyone must bring something to the table — it’s just good manners.

The best place to look for your skill is the place you waste the most time in. Do you love writing? Reading? Coding? Even daydreaming up ideas… hello, innovator.

Be curious. It’s okay to ask questions — even stupid ones. There’s one pathway to knowledge and that is through curiosity. Disclaimer: this pathway is very stressful.

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