“There’s an app for that.”

Whether sending pictures of yourself as a puppy dog to your friends or starting your very own business… with mobile apps, the options are limitless. Feeling powerless? Don’t. Your cellphone, alone, has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing. That’s a huge deal; use this power with caution.

Mobile apps make our lives more efficient, as we all know from first-hand experience. We have calculators, cameras, wallets, weather radars, and more on our phones. However, with all of this automated awesomeness comes a few frights… like, how will this effect our economy? Is our data secure? Yes, many industries are being disrupted, which we will discuss in further meetings, but stay calm because it’s not as bad as you might think. The Mobile App Economy has created over 500,000 jobs in the U.S. alone. This industry is worth about $1.5 trillion… yes, trillion. The mobile app industry is the youngest trillion dollar industry in the world.

Looking for somewhere fun to go? The coolest hang out spot right now is the Google Play app store, averaging at over 70 million visits each year. With over 1,300,000 apps, they have a lot to look at. And, yes, iPhone lovers, this beats Apple’s app store which is lagging behind by 85 percent in downloads. But don’t be too upset, Apple’s revenue in 2015 triumphed Google Play’s by 70 percent. But, because ragging on Apple-supporters is fun, this would be a great time to point out that Android is still the number one used phone in the world.

Enough with the numbers. Enough with the competition. Grab your iPhone, Android, or whatever you may have, and go hang out at some app stores and discover what you can do.

Shoutout to Mobile Roadie, Statista, The Next Web, and Fact Slides for these awesome facts.