Obama would not be selected even as President of Moldova, based on his LinkedIn profile

If you will ask recruiters what is bugging them about the candidates, one thing that will pop out quite often is the “updating problem.”

Although it seems (and it is) very important, most people who search for a job, do not keep their profiles up to date with their experience, which shows lack of respect.

When you are searching for a job where you will spent at least ⅓ of your day, a place where you will meet new people, work for a service that might help clients, or even just searching for an employer that will pay for your next iPhone — you show disrespect when you are sending a Resume last updated 2 years ago.

Imagine if you would update your status on Facebook or Instagram once in 2 years? Do you think you would have the results and awareness that you have now?

It’s been 10 years since the start of the financial crisis in the world. The times when employers were receiving more than 100 CVs per job have changed. Now Recruiters don’t just wait for candidates to apply and figure it out who fits better the job, now recruiters have to be more proactive and search for candidates.

The most popular platform for recruiters to find their next employee of the month is, of course, LinkedIn. Unfortunately, the “disease” of not updating your resume has transferred to the professional social platforms as well.

Let’s take a specific example: if Barack Obama would have been headhunted for the position of President of Republic of Moldova based on his LinkedIn profile, he would not pass even the pre-screening step.

source: https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov

Taking a look at the automatically generated profile by GAUS Algorithm, we can see how Obama fits the position of the President of Republic of Moldova:

Analysis of Barack Obama’s LinkedIn profile on GAUS.

His LinkedIn profile shows that Barack Obama’s traits are Critical Thinking, Cognitive Flexibility, Problem Solving and Creativity, he is great in managing large organisations.

He is also emotionally connected to world’s problems, is very good in 1 to 1 interactions and has a strong will to achieve the goals and dreams he believes in. But that is pretty much it. He is ranking only at 23.6 points out of 100.

In reality, though, we believe he would do a great job as the President of Moldova (or any other country), but the problem, again, comes to updating your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s the general behavior of LinkedIn users: registers and makes few connections at the beginning, updates personal profile when actively searching for a job, finds the job then stops. Still adds people from time to time, based on connections of people they already know or after networking events, but very rarely updates the profile, experience, or even changes profile picture.

There may be multiple reasons for such behavior: laziness, lack of time, comfort zone, fear of public identity exposure, social personality theft and many more.

However, there are several reasons why you still need to update your Resume or LinkedIn profile, even if you are at the peak of your career at the moment:

  1. We are 7 billion people + millions of Robots

There is an expression that “irreplaceable employees were not born yet.” Current reality of the labor market is constantly changing as new talent enters the market and starts competing with your skills. So if you want to stay competitive, have an updated profile that helps you be easily identified on the first page of Google. It also provides an up to date image of how you can make impact an organisation and what added value you can bring as an employee.

At the same time, remember that today you are competing not only with new talent, but with new, faster and sometimes smarter machines, that can be selected instead of you, if your Resume is as old as Windows XP.

2. Connected, does not mean HeadHunted

I believe that the excuse “I am not updating my profile so that recruiters don’t bug me with their offers” is an outdated for the connected world we are leaving in. Searching for a Co-Founder for the next unicorn startup, searching for a freelancer, searching for a speaker for an event…

LinkedIn can be used in so many ways and it could enrich your life in other, sometimes unexpected ways as well. You never know what the next message could be about.

Following leaders and companies on professional social networks helps you stay up to date with what’s happening in your industry or job function.

3. It shows respect.

Ultimately, if you search for your “the one and only love” on the dating sites or searching for a job on professional social networks an updated profile shows that you are interested in the process, it shows that you care, it shows respect. Using all the features of this powerful online tool will help you paint a compelling picture of who you are in the real world.


GAUS is a recruitment algorithm that can be easily integrated with a job board, a chat bot, or a career section of the employer’s website that sends an instant analysis and visualisation of the candidates that will help take faster and better decisions when recruiting people in Sales & Customer Care.

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