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A Gauss Lens to discern catalysts of the next economic expansion cycle

We have participated in unprecedented consumer service expansion of a generation: what next?

Carlota Perez — Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages

Rebuild impacts both the what and the how: manufacturing layered anew with smart machinery, sensors and data networking that enmesh the sensory data required for both input and output.

  • A view on past waves and what technical and operational techniques aided them — looking at Florentine times of Middle Ages and the depth of US Depression of 1929–34;
  • A view on integrating innovations in breakthrough moments of competition between nations in 16th century;
  • A view from climate change perspective on the pressure to rebuild manufacturing and city service structure layers for a global population of 8 billion and counting.

Gauss lens in particular, designed by Carl Fridrich Gauss, allowed to cancel an optical aberration effect and see distant objects in clarity.

Here too, we are witness the peculiarities and beauty of physical laws: what we see as present while looking at distant objects that we dream of sometimes arriving to in the future — is in reality its past.



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Daniel Gusev

14 years in global payments and ecommerce. 3 exits. VC at @gauss_vc