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Fintech Roundup Newsletter: Issue 1

A summary of the fintech space from Gauss Ventures

Photo by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

Welcome to our first fintech roundup newsletter, where we share the latest industry highlights. It’s been a busy a few weeks for our sector.

First of all, a huge congratulations to our very own Dr Ruth Wandhöfer for making the long list for ComputerWeekly’s Most Influential Women in UK Tech.

On the issue of diversity, she spoke to Forbes on how it “makes this business more creative and versatile, bringing a different perspective to assessing opportunities, including identifying female fintech leadership in the market”.

But is that under threat with the uncertainty of the current climate will COVID-19 relief overlook women in FinTech?

For now, the pandemic is hitting Britain’s Brexit plan hard and rising uncertainty is a cause for concern.

Photo by Frederick Tubiermont on Unsplash

Then again — could COVID-19 provide opportunities for financial technology to open up investing to a wider range of investors? The FT Adviser investigates here.

When it comes to the the post-lockdown world, Dr Wandhöfer spoke to Sifted on the 18 companies that are set to thrive (namely FX hedging and payments, like Ebury; regtechs, like Apiax; and digital core financial platforms, like Nucoro).

On another list, our portfolio company Coinfirm was named as one of the 10 of the most promising European blockchain startups to watch. Coinfirm aims to act as a foundation for the safe adoption of blockchain by all actors in the economy, including traditional financial institutions, governments, regulators as well as ordinary citizens.

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