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The Intelligent Machine World

Its foundational elements, its catalysts, general challenges, growth and societal implications.

A disruption moment in time it is, isn’t it?

One can look at this from numerous perspectives. The intensity that we experience change, or rather that change is presented to us — makes us forget of near similar disruption / shift moments that happened a decade / 2 decades / 3/4/5 decades ago. Some would say that this time it’s different — but the same bold belief was numerous times uttered — faithfully comitting to a new tool that disrupted business models, dethroned incumbents and promised eternal prosperity — or by others it emerged as an aposit omen of destitute society — robbed of honest work by senseless automatons.

The tool predicted to change the world was computer spreadsheet software.

“since 1980, right around the time the electronic spreadsheet came out, 400,000 bookkeeping and accounting clerk jobs have gone away. But 600,000 accounting jobs have been added.”

It’s not that spreadsheet software pushed people out of their jobs, but it empowered those willing to learn how to use it — to do more complex things.

And modern algorithms require all the power — and reference data they can get.



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Daniel Gusev

14 years in global payments and ecommerce. 3 exits. VC at @gauss_vc