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Apr 2 · 3 min read

No matter which field you practice, there’s one thing in common that you always do no matter what. Tell your story.

Here’s ours:

If you ask any of our friends, they’ll agree, we love anything related to health and wellness: the brands, the healthy tips, the fitness routines, the inspirational seminars, you name it, we are hooked.

The health and wellness movement changed our lives for the better in unique and very different ways. What holds true for the three of us (your founders), is that we all have a deep understanding of what TLC for your body, mind, and soul can do for you.

We could go deep into these stories, but for now, let’s talk about GAWA and how this brand came to be.

“Good As We Are” has become our daily mantra and we invite you to adopt it as well.

If you are here and reading this, chances are we have things in common. Just like the three of us, you have found your partner-in-health (if this is not a thing yet, we are claiming it, lol).

We share this deep passion for the subject and almost as a routine, we’d attend health and wellness conferences together. It was at one of these events where we found a gap where GAWA will fit perfectly.

In the middle of a panel discussion of what would be the next best superfood, we turned around to each other in disbelief and whispered;

“Is it me, or have you noticed all these tips and tricks have only mentioned women? Have they not noticed all the other people in this room? What about all of the men and non-binary folks who want to improve their nutrition?”

We realized that most brands and case studies lacked a conversation towards the queer community following these platforms and panels.

The Well+Good(s), Goop(s), and Health Magazine(s) of the world have all been catered primarily to the straight cis female/male wellness consumer.

This one-sided potentially polarizing conversation needs to be amended.

If you somehow stumbled upon this publication, you as part of the LGBTQI community, know that health and wellness mean so much more than what’s on the surface. We deserve to be passionately represented in a space that loves and cares for our entire well-being.

GAWA Wellness will become a platform, a mediator, and a guide for the LGBTQI health and wellness brands. GAWA’s creators promise to always seek the imperfect, the natural, and the good.

Our name, “Good As We Are”, represents self love and acceptance that speaks to the natural and holistic living that those in our community seek. We aim to become the go-to-hub for health and wellness catered to the forgotten LGBTQI consumer that want to share ideas, inspiration, and articles specific to their identity.

GAWA’s purpose is to be a conversation starter, a trail blazer for the specific health and wellness needs and brands that the LGBTQI community seeks.

Our vision is for every wellness and fitness brand to see and find the relevance
to talk directly to the community and create catered products and content.

We understand that within a *$4,220 billion US Wellness Economy, there is a lack of LGBTQI driven brands catering the $917 billion US consumer buying power of the LGBTQI community. *2017 Data. We hope to establish GAWA as the first health and wellness LGBTQI specific publication to drive this need.

“True equity and ability to bring about change for our community lies with our economic power.”

We pledge to become the leader within the health and wellness market and help brands realize that with the combined buying power of our community, $917 billion and rising to be exact (Source: Witeck Communications 2016), our community is here to stay. Our needs matter and we won’t be ignored.

Q: GAWA in one phrase?

GAWA is proudly curated by our gay Editor in Chief (Wellness Coach), Creative Director (Fitness Nutrition Specialist & ally), and lesbian Art & Design Director (wellness-enthusiast). We are in your corner and we will be supporting you throughout your wellness journey.

We Are Good As We Are.

GAWA lgbtq Health & Wellness

We are the first LGBTQ collaborative platform that showcases the best community and ally health and wellness brands and personalities speaking and creating content about our own.

GAWA lgbtq Wellness

Written by

Good As We Are Health & Wellness — Imperfect. Natural. Good Lgbtq Health & Wellness co-op

GAWA lgbtq Health & Wellness

We are the first LGBTQ collaborative platform that showcases the best community and ally health and wellness brands and personalities speaking and creating content about our own.

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