Hell yeah! .. Gawdai is finally on Medium!

Well we know that we shouldn’t be so much hype about this. But with tiny little schedules that we have, it’s a huge commitment for us to plan for writing. So let us hype for awhile until we cool down. Yipeeeee! 🎉

We have so many reasons to start writing. Among them, a sole reason that keeps pushing us is to start sharing detailed insights of what’s happening in Gawdai.

Here are the key topics that you could expect reading regularly on our blog.

  1. Product Roadmap
  2. Features Highlights
  3. Articles about Linguistics & Slang
  4. Behind the scene works
  5. Tutorials
  6. and a lot of other things that would worth your time for a read

Numbers of the announcement are up our sleeves to reveal. But in this post, we will go with the features update first.

Yes, Gawdai was very silent in past few months. That was because we had been working very hard to bring the version 2 to you.

In version 2, we focus on stability as well as the improvements & enhancements. Let us present some of the new features that you are going to enjoy in this Version 2.

  1. Search
Search Features on Gawdai Web

We know right, this feature should have been included from the day 1. We are fully aware that a lot of our user has been longing for it and we want this so bad as much as the user do. The reason we couldn’t bring search capabilities in our 1st release is due to the tight of our implementation time as well as the difficulties to facilitate both Zawgyi & Unicode font (yes, the struggle is real, we will go details about how we successfully serve both Unicode and Zawgyi users in our future post together with our commitments & struggles, keep an eye on that).

So yeah, finally we made it. Search features will be available on all the platforms (Web, iOS & Android). Web user can start enjoying the perks of this feature and it will come to mobile users very soon. The user can search by any keywords and also locate the slang words directly through auto-suggestion.

2. Browse by Alphabets

Browse by Alphabet Features on Gawdai iOS App

We always wonder if we could browse slangs by alphabets (inspired by UrbanDictionary) that would be really cool. So instead of idling in wonder land, we get up and bring this out to our user. This might not be the “wow” feature for some, but this is a very big leap for the usability as well as the content’s discoverability. Enjoy browsing!

3. Happenings

Happening Features on Gawdai Web

Gawdai main interest has always been in the community and linguistic evolution. The community is a life source of the Gawdai and we really appreciate of how everyone shaping up Gawdai to become what it is today. With the thoughts of how we could bring the community of Gawdai closer, we bring this “Happenings” features as the first step. Currently, it only focuses on the capturing of user’s activities to bring more user’s engagement and content’s discoverability. In future, we will introduce social interaction features such as “Follow” and “Notification” of the user who you followed.

4. Voting Improvements

Voting Improfements on Gawdai Web

Voting plays a major role in conducting the quality of the content that user submitted. Previously, we allowed public voting but some malicious users abused the voting process to break the balance of the community. Because of that, we are decided to set the voting process available for the registered/logged-in user only. Along with it, we have worked on some of the improvements on the voting process as well. Now, user can undo the accidental actions. Neat right?

5. Kill em all

System/Software bugs crawl like other bugs do. Before we know it, they will be all over the place. We constantly monitor and kill them whenever we got a chance to since stability is the user’s satisfaction. In this version, we’ve fixed numbers of spotted bugs and user will experience the more mature and stable version that ever produced by us.

These are just the overview highlights and we didn’t stop it there. As we mentioned above, we have quite a number of big announcements to make and we don’t want you to miss that. For now, just sit back, relax and enjoy the new version of Gawdai.

Keep Gawing guys. It’s just the beginning. ✊🏼
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