Bigger Tips // The GawkBox LiveShow

Hello once again, Creators and Streamers!

We’re back for another quick update, and this week we’ve got something big. “$25" big.

Tips are always subject to change!

If you’ve visited your profile lately, you may have noticed that we’ve been boosting up the tip amounts as well as adding some more level thresholds to reach in the app! We want you and your fans to be rewarded when they enjoy playing the apps from your profile, so we’re making it easier to donate more with fewer apps — for the month of July, the full Mobile Strike tip will pay out a whopping $25.

We’ve also added quite a few more tips to your profiles to help your fans find something they’ll love — RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, Game of War, Marvel Puzzle Quest, and OWN Bold Moves — to name a few.

Want to make your voice heard to the GawkBox community? Do you have a question about tips, payments, processes or anything GawkBox-adjacent? Great news — we’ll be doing a weekly live show on Wednesdays at 2PM PST. If you don’t have any questions, tune in for the exciting guests that we’ll be bringing to the program. This week — JackieMFood — an Australian Live-streaming chef extraordinaire. Submit questions by posting them on Twitter with the tag @mygawkbox. Catch it here:

That covers it for this week, folks. Keep up the great content!

Didn’t get the chance to watch? Join the Discord and ask there!

Until next time,


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