GawkBox @ TwitchCon // Join our Community!

That time is nearly upon us once again…

We want to see you at TwitchCon this year. We’ll have merch, we’ll hang out with you and introduce you to the team. We’ll have a chat about the upcoming GawkBox product releases before they get released to the public over lunch, or a beer!

We’re setting our schedules now, and you’ll be able to meet with anybody on the community team that you’d like, so send us an email at to set up a meeting, and we’ll see you there!

Have you used your New Notifications yet? Check them out now!

Last week, we released some fresh new notifications that went live on each and every one of your profiles. Have you had the chance to stream with GawkBox since then? If not, you’re in for a treat.

Streaming with us this week? Tag @mygawkbox and one of our community members will stop by to give a friendly hello and get the tips a’rollin.

Now’s the time to join the GawkBox Discord Community!

Have you been to the GawkBox Discord channel? It’s the best place to catch-up on the latest news with GawkBox, as well as chat with other GawkBox creators and fans! Also — mods and admins are almost always on, so drop by and talk live with us. It’s the best way to get your questions answered!

Invite Code:

Don’t forget to stop by the GawkBox Live show Thursday at 2PM PST! We’ll be playing games and answering questions, just like every week!

Until next time,


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