Post TwitchCon // Helping us Build GawkBox

Wow. We never could never have anticipated how much support and encouragement would have come from all of you at TwitchCon. To all of you that we met — thank you! Your ideas and involvement are helping us continue to grow.

aaand back to work.

We’ll see you next year, and we hope you enjoyed chatting with us. If you didn’t catch us there or didn’t attend and you’d still like to hear about that what’s-what over here at GawkBox, there’s still a way to get some insider info…

Community Feedback!

With GawkBox 2.0 live and running, we need your help and feedback now more than ever. See a bug? Something not working right? Heck — even if you don’t like the way that something looks or feels on the site, let us know! Every bit of feedback is important. So, take a look, give it a spin, and send that feedback to, or by DM on twitter @mygawkbox. You may have a better chance of getting your suggested features onto the site than you think!

More Streaming: For Charity!

As you know, our friends in California are having a rough time with some fires in the area at the moment, so we put our heads together and decided to do what we do best to help — Stream! We’ll but putting on regular charity streams all this week to raise money to help subdue those fires. Find us on, or donate at

Jim Carrey-heavy week, I guess

That’s all for this week, we hope to see you out there!

— Zak_From_GawkBox

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