Pumped-Up Earnings with Event-Based Tips

Hey Creators ’n’ Streamers!

Big news — if you’ve been worried about your fans running low on tips, worry not — we’ve added “Event-based” apps to your tip walls this week. What does that mean? It means that fans who haven’t downloaded certain apps can now tip more than once per app on certain apps.

Do your fans really enjoy certain titles? They can keep playing for higher tip amounts. Love Domination’s PVP mode? Every time your new fans play, they can donate a small amount. As we keep evolving, so too will the tipping options!

Got old fans who’ve already completed those apps? No worries: New apps are going live all the time — Rovio’s Angry Birds Evolution is live alongside BattleBay, with MZ’s Game of War soon to come. Keep your eyes peeled!

We’re back from VidCon, exciting and energized from meeting up with all of you that we had the fortune to meet and hang out with. What’s next — PAX? TwitchCon? Stay tuned to find out!

Until Next Year…

To wrap things up this week, we’ve got *TWO* bits of content for you to enjoy. First up: our live Q&A. I sat down for an hour to answer all of your questions live on Twitch. We’ll be doing more events like this soon, so look out for that.

This week’s guest on the Official GawkBox Podcast is Infinity Biscuit, here to talk games, community, and anime. I learned bunches, hope you can too.

Thanks for reading all, see you next week!


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