We Want to Talk to YOU — Our Quest to Schedule a Call with EVERY Creator using GawkBox

Our mission, from day 1, has been to help content creators and streamers earn what they deserve from their hard work and dedication. We can’t sleep at night knowing that some of you aren’t earning what you potentially could with GawkBox, and we want to know why. That’s why we’re setting up a checklist with each and every one of your names on it and clearing our calendars — we’re confident that GawkBox can work for you — and we aim to prove it.

This coming week, I want to talk to you however you choose. Skype? Let’s set up a time? Google Hangouts? I’m In. Discord? Love to. Twitter Chat? Anytime. Smoke Signals? I’ll figure something out.

The goal is to reach *this* point by next Friday.

So, that’s it. I’m Zak, the outreach and community specialist at GawkBox, and I’m excited to meet you. Already up and running with us? Awesome, let’s hear some feedback! My email is zak@gawkbox.com, you can reach me on twitter @mygawkbox, and my Skype name is also zak@gawkbox.com. Let’s get started. OH — and if you’re going to VidCon, let’s meet there — in person!

This week on the Official GawkBox Podcast, I spoke to Denny Palkhe, known on Twitch as BeautifulPanda__. Ever been curious about D&D — Esque Role Playing in Grand Theft Auto 5? Bet you are now, though, huh?

Big News!!

We’ve got new apps to tip with right around the corner! this week, look forward to heavy-hitters such as Blizzard’s smash hit card game Hearthstone, HotHead Game’s Killshot Bravo and Killshot Virus games, as well as a handful of others, so keep your eye out!

Lastly, we’re continuing our Streamer Spotlights into the next few weeks as well; we want to collect videos of you all using GawkBox and show them off! Let us know if you’re streaming with us soon and we’ll tune in and share whenever we can.

Cheers folks; keep up all the great work.

— Zak_From_GawkBox

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