Computer Sex Crimes Cases

Both federal and state Law enforcement extensively investigate computer crimes by utilizing chat-room, sting operations and other covert techniques to identify and indict people whom they allege are engaging in computer sex crimes.

One of the largest growing areas of sex crimes is online sex crimes. These types of crimes involve the use of the internet, computers, and other internet-enabled devices in order to download illegal images and/or contact perceived minor individuals for illegal sexual interactions.

A few examples of computer sex crimes we defend include:

  • Downloading child pornography
  • Emailing child pornography
  • Solicitation of minors for sex
  • Transmitting harmful/sexual images to a minor

Aside from heavy criminal penalties, computer and internet sex crimes allegations can damage your reputation beyond repair in some instances. These types of allegations can cost you your job and cause your community to shun you. By hiring experienced and reputable sex crime attorneys, it may make all the difference between years of incarceration and your continued freedoms.

In cases involving computer and the internet, it may be necessary to retain computer forensic experts. These professional Criminal Lawyers know how to dig into technology to determine where the images or communications came from, how they were sent and other important factors in building a strong defense. Gaxiola Law Group aggressively defends sex computer crimes. If you or a loved one is charged with computer sex crimes, call now 602–717–0631.