Photo By Lane Silas Patriquin (Founder of Non-Binary Toronto)

A Thank You to the Non-Binary Community.

Today was comfort. I probably didn’t entirely comprehend what was happening when I met a large group of other Non-Binary individuals today in the flesh.

To go from a few months ago feeling crazy, feeling like I was losing my mind. Meeting other Non-Binary Transgender people and absorbing how much I had in common with them cognitively. That is not comfort, that is clarity. To go from a year ago, still not understanding why the gender binary didn’t make sense to me. Struggling so many years, decades really…to go from uncertainty to understanding that one day there would actually be a community in the flesh.

I’ve taken for granted understanding the importance of community. Innovation is necessary, of course. Technology, Design, Creation. All things that improve us and help us make sense of why we are here in the first place, but community is something you can’t live without.

“We are here to help others, why the others are here I have no idea”…as poet W. H. Auden would put it.

Or my mother would say…”Just help other people, you’ll feel better”.

I know, I use the word understanding maybe too many times. I’ve come to remind myself everyday I know nothing or I should always strive to know more. More about the world, but in fact more about yourself.

To the people I met today, and to those I have yet to meet. Thank you for existing. Thank you for helping me better understand myself by existing.


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