Greek restaurants in London

Good Greek food is always worth tracking down.

Saganaki from Hungry Donkey, London. Photo: Gareth Johnson

Hungry Donkey – Wentworth Street, E1

  • It doesn’t look much from the outside, but this simple Greek cafe is a safe pair of hands if you’re craving the flavours of Greece.
  • We shared some salty Saganaki, a tasty grilled sausage, and a plate of grilled pork — served with some fries and tzatziki.
  • They’ve got a nice selection of Greek beers available also.
  • It may not be the best Greek food I’ve ever had, and it’s probably a little over-priced for what it is, but if you’re looking for some simple and tasty Greek food in London then Hungry Donkey ticks those boxes.

The Life Goddess — Bloomsbury

  • Store Street in London’s Bloomsbury has always been one of London’s coolest streets — and The Life Goddess brings a good dose of Greek flavour to the neighbourhood.
  • It’s a combination of a deli, cafe, and restaurant — selling great products and also serving food and coffee.
  • It’s busy with crowds of young, cool Greeks — drinking coffee, smoking outside, and talking loudly.
  • Love it.

The Real Greek – Multiple Locations

  • The Real Greek chain is a pretty safe bet but its simple Greek food without any surprises.
  • All the classics that you’d expect on the menu at a Greek restaurant, generally fairly competently cooked, and generally the service is pretty solide.
  • I wouldn’t make any sort of effort to eat at an outlet of The Real Greek, but as an emergency option it does the job.
Greek Sausage from Hungry Donkey, London. Photo: Gareth Johnson
Grilled Pork from Hungry Donkey, London. Photo: Gareth Johnson
Hungry Donkey, London. Photo: Gareth Johnson

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