It’s Pancake Day. Shrove Tuesday 2017.

It’s been a bit of a low-key Pancake Day this year.

I thought it might be fun to cook some pancakes at work — I bought an electric crepe plate, some ready-made pancake mix, and all the toppings and whipped up a batch after the morning editorial huddle.

No one else seemed particularly interested though, which meant that I ended up eating more pancakes than I’d intended.

I wasn’t too bothered though, as Liviu had the day off and I had plans for a major pancake cooking session when I got home. However he was called into work and he won’t be home until late.

I’ve half-heartedly mixed up a bowl of pancake batter, and I’m determined to stay awake until he gets home so I can fry up a few token pancakes, but I’m finding it hard to maintain my enthusiasm.


Pancake Tuesday is one of the few religious traditions that I get excited about.

It’s not much fun cooking pancakes for yourself, but when you’ve got someone to share it with then it’s kind of cool.

I left my planning a bit late, but I thought that I’d be able to pick up a ready-made pancake mix from either a Tesco or Sainsbury’s on the way home.

I tried the Tesco Metro on Shoreditch High Street but there was no sign of any ready-made mixes. By the number of people wandering, looking apprehensive, carrying flour, eggs, and milk, it was clear that ready-made pancake mix was going to be in short supply.

I followed suit and grabbed the essential ingredients. It’s been a while since I’ve done any cooking, but I know how to make pancakes, and besides, I had a good couple of hours before my boyfriend Liviu would be home from work.

I mixed the batter accompanied by a big glass of wine and and a celebrity episode of The Great British Bake-off. By the end I was pretty happy with my mix.

It had time to sit, which I think is always good for batter, and by the time that Liviu got home I was feeling excited.

I made small, pikelet-style pancakes, with a slice of banana in the middle, and served with maple syrup.

Liviu was very appreciative, but before I had cooked up all the batter he insisted on making a few “Romanian-style”, thinning it out and making proper pancakes which he served with strawberry jam. I was a little annoyed at first that he was insinuating that my pancakes weren’t up to scratch, but I had to admit that the Romanian-style pancakes were delicious.

It was a good Shrove Tuesday.

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