My guide to Mexican restaurants in London

A quick guide to some of the options for Mexican food in London:


Near St Pancras train station — this is a tequila bar that has been serving up Mexican-fusion food since 2004. Fifteen different types of taco to choose from is a good starting point, but but you could easily just feast on antojitos (small snacks to share) or their signature Molcajete Mestizo which is a big meat stew served in a volcanic stone bowl and designed to share.


Wahaca is successful chain of restaurants, with numerous outlets across London. It’s not the best Mexican food that you’ll ever eat, but it’s pretty safe and reliable.


A small chain of Mexican restaurants, Lupita has three outlets in London. I have a feeling that Lupita used to be better — service is still friendly and professional, but on my last visit the food was a bit dry and bland.

Bodega Negra

One of the more successful interpretations of Mexican cuisine in London, Bodega Negra adds a bit of sex appeal in its Soho location. This is an operation with a definite split personality — a light, airy cafe upstairs, while downstairs there’s a hacienda-style cellar restaurant that you enter through a door designed to look like an adults-only sex shop.

Bad Sports Taqueria

Hackney Road, in London’s inner-east, is a long way from Mexico — literally and figuratively — but if you’re looking for some authentic Mexican flavours then this is about as good as it gets.

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