Toronto: A travel guide

Toronto is a fantastic, liveable city, but it’s also a fantastic place to visit.

I liked the pace – it’s got great restaurants and bars, the gay scene is cool, and everyone is unfailingly polite and friendly.

What to do

  • Wander through Kensington Markets.
  • Explore the Distillery district.
  • Hang out in the gay district.

Where to drink

  • Woodys: A famous gay bar that featured in the US version of Queer As Folk. Good fun with a good-looking crowd.

Where to eat

  • Guu: An izakaya-style Japanese restaurant. We opted for tasty sharing plates of chicken, pork, and beef, all washed down with beer. ‘Irasshaimase!’ shouted the happy restaurant staff every time someone arrived — this is a busy, noisy, vibrant place. Undeniably great food.
  • Hoof: This is a clever example of nose-to-tail eating, twisting brunch classics with offal. I had waffles with sweetbreads — really delicious.
  • Momofuku: On a visit to Manhattan I fell in love with Momofuku’s amazing pork buns, and spectacular desserts. The Toronto branch delivers exactly the same top drawer cooking.

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