Communications and the #gbdoc

Communications and the #gbdoc

10th October 2012

Communications — amongst us, by us, for us — why, how and where?

Tonights discussion was kicked off by posting the theme, and no sooner had it hit the Dtwittersphere then the outpouring of comments started. To suggest that @thegbdoc was in any way ‘moderating’ the chat for the first 30min would be a big fibbedydibdob.

The best news though is that there was universal agreement to extend the principles of the #gbdoc from the pancreaverse and into Real Life !! The suggestion was made that in your local town, a group of #gbdocers could arrange to meet up on a Wednesday evening in say, a hostelry, and have a tweet-meet, live tweet chat with the #gbdoc, share stories, photos and experiences both in the pancreaverse and in real life. Extend the friendships, extend the care, extend the support into our local communities.

Straight away Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, London, Melbourne (!), Belfast, Norwich and Swindon signed up! @DiabetesUK has offered to help and will even host a tweet meet in London — hurrah!!

So if you are interested in meeting up with fellow PWD in your area, those who kinda get it and are social-media aware, (or want to be!) then this is your chance to help create something completely new.

The idea is that in each area we self-organise, that way we can keep it flexible, keep it real and keep it cost free!! Who knows, if it takes off and people are really keen we could organise a #gbdoc jamboree for next summer?

Believe it or not, that was 30 min of the tweet chat gone!! — As a couple of wags put it (& they have made tweet of the week with their cheeky comments too)

“A question? Loving tonight’s discussion and the fact their hasn’t been a question. Yet. “

And so a question was posed, much to the chagrin of the crowd who were quite clearly determined to have a good time and not buckle down and to any serious work at all!!

So; Question 1 : Communications — Story Telling & Self Help — #dblogs who writes one & why?

And it turns out that most people don’t write blogs, but that most people find tremendous support, encouragement and help from reading others! Even more interestingly, those who do write agree that the process is cathartic, providing a release and a means of reflecting on the good, the bad and the down right ugly — enabling us to air issues like depression, food issues, behavioural problems, frustrations of being a teenager with D — you name it and some one is writing about it.

So @thegbdoc has a task or two — to collate a list of #dblogs and post them as a resource (please email me if you keep a blog and would like it listed on and to upload some posters that can go out as a mailshot or be stuck up announcing the tweet meets in your local town!!