Dissertation on Food

Dissertation on Food

24th October 2012

This evenings theme revisited one of our favourite topics — FOOD!

Most especially tonight we were all helping out one of our own, @notthatsweet, with her undergraduate dissertation on the specific issues of PWD dealing with food and the effect it has on us.

The questions were:

Q1. Do you ever feel other people judge you based on what you eat?

Q2. Does this affect your choices?

Q3. How do you manage if you are unaware of the carb content of a meal or unsure of the GI?

Q4. Do you feel that diet is a difficult aspect of diabetes management?

Q5. Does any of this cause you concern when eating with family, friends, colleagues etc?

Due to an unforeseen mishap on the part of @the GBDoc this evenings chat was moderated by @notthatsweet who stepped up and did a brilliant job of keeping the show on the road!

So what came out of the chat?

Well it seems that we all feel like others are judging us over our food choices, especially if they know we are a PWD, although it does seem that the worst offenders are those for whom ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’! Does this affect our choices, oh yeah — and then some, but it seems not in quite the way you would imagine. Lots of comments about wanting to be seen as a ‘good PWD’ when out and about, so more scrupulous about our food choices, although, and of course, there is the occasional rebellion and need to use comments from others as an opportunity to educate the ignorant!

As to how we manage by guessing carbs, well there were some ace answers to that — for those who have a tough time of it I would recommend the Carbs & Cals book and/or app or Diabetic Friend, both for your smartphone — comes with very handy images of portion sizes for you to guestimate carb content of most common meals (common to the UK that is!!).

Mostly though it seems that experience is a great help — so get out there and EAT!!

Once again the best advice, as always, is to be yourself and don’t let D get in the way of you doing, eating, being anything you want!

Thanks again to @notthatsweet for stepping up to the plate and moderating the chat, and to all of you for helping one of our own with a dissertation that just might help otheres in years to come understand better what we go through each day as PWD.