Repeat after me…

Repeat Prescription…. please.

17th October 2012

Theme: GPs, Receptionists, Repeat Prescriptions and Pharmacists

I’m not suggesting for one moment that the #gbdoc are a rowdy or unruly bunch — nor that they are not keen to share, however, tonight the tweet chat was well underway at least an hour before the show started!

We had around 40 new faces to the tweet chat tonight with about 80 participants and several dozen more ‘lurking’ in the background!

The theme this evening was all about how we treat and are treated by those who control our supplies. The nature of progress or lack thereof in different parts of the country to things like online bookings & repeat prescription services against the ever too familiar ‘communication errors’ between GP — Receptionist — Pharmacist and how each always likes to blame the other and how we, the patient (dammit!) always seem to be the ones who have to trudge between them sorting it out.

Having said that, there were also plenty of examples of the system working perfectly! So perhaps we should have a poll and a chart of the best and the worst? Name and shame? One of our regular contributors offered up the suggestion that we should all get behind the @OpenGPSoC movement and help ourselves!

There was much discussion about the ‘value’ of a good pharmacist, ones who bothered to get to know you and made sure they always had stock for you — don’t forget that as PWD we are ‘worth’ a lot of money to a pharmacy, so if you can, shop around, ask to speak to the manager, make sure that they can meet your needs and are willing to help — they are after all a key member of the TEAM, and you are in charge of the team — so if they aren’t performing, replace them! That includes the GP, DSN and Consultant too!

We were also lucky enough to be joined by the most amazing Daniele D’Onofrio, the Founder of Portale Diabete, perhaps the most important resource for PWD in the whole of Italy. @theGBDoc had the great privilege to meet Daniele at the European Blogger Summit in Berlin, her story is amazing, even more so because it’s her brother who is the PWD!!

There was much anticipation right from the start of the chat about tonight’s #bgbingo game, some, who shall not be mentioned keeping a handy supply of snacks available to boost their bg if needed come the hour! As a side note — CONGRATS to our Aussie cousins — they had their first formal #bgbingo game this week at the #OzDoc chat!!

Our winner of #bgbingo — for the SECOND TIME (!!) was the amazing @DiabeticJones with a bang-on 6.9 !!!!