t-1 day — Blizzard Beach & Epcot Centre

Today was our completely free day. We used it to visit some theme parks. Some people wanted to visit Blizzard Beach and the other ones wanted to see Epcot Centre, so we split into two different groups.

Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is a big water park that’s apparently run by Disney, a conclusion you wouldn’t come to yourself because there are very little cartoon characters running around. Instead they focused entirely on creating an exciting and at the same time relaxing atmosphere filled with water slides.

Speaking of atmosphere: 
What is the most logical theme for a water park located in the decently hot Orlando? A winter wonderland. Yeah, I didn’t get it either but still, it was an awesome experience.

Epcot Center

Epcot Centre is one of four different Disney theme parks in Orlando. We arrived quite early and so we got our tickets really fast. As we entered everybody was like: Ohhh, Ahhh. At first we got some FastPasses. They allowed us to reserve a time at a attraction to skip the queue. Then we just walked around.

In the evening we bought some food and drinks at Walmart and began reassembling our robots. Tomorrow GCER will officially start and we will have time for practicing at the game tables.

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