Conversion Rate Optimization for Startups

How are your customers interacting on your website? How high is your conversion rate to sale?

Rethink how you distribute your messages and you’ll quickly encourage customers to convert on your site. Whether it’s lead generation, sign ups or purchases.

Firstly, we’ll look at engaging users and getting them to your website. Start by integrating different marketing communication techniques.

Some of our personal favorites are email, social media and direct mail. You could argue these are 3 totally different tools to present your message. But are proven to bring enquiries in at high volume.

1st Step: Generate Leads

Generate a list of contacts derived from Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Newsletter sign ups and bounced users. This can be done on any level, from the sales floor to the director’s office. Simply create one bulk spreadsheet and import all your contacts into it, using filters to narrow down, you can adapt your message based on industry (which is what I like to do) or you can send a generic overview.

2nd Step: Nurture those Leads

THE MESSAGE. Create an appealing icebreaker, subject or title to catch the eye and encourage opening and clicks. For example, “Save 50% this month” or use this, (we’ll reveal) one of our favorite lines: “You’ve spent too much this week; it’s time to start saving.” Moreover, your message can be anything, keep it simple, and ensure the copy is straight to the point with a clear call to action; either a set landing page with a contact form and phone number for easier measurement later on.

3rd Step: Set up the distribution

Simply set your distribution channels. Make sure the message is consistent! Setting up the campaign for email would be fairly straightforward, just import your CSV into whichever mail provider you use. Although, determining the right social audience is probably the most challenging part. You’ll only want to target relevant people, so my advice is to run test social adverts; on a number of audience groups. This’ll ensure you advert runs cost effectively per click/conversion. Online companies, if you’ve collected addresses, run a straightforward direct mail campaign first and follow up with an email.

4th Step: Implement & put your campaign in Motion

Distribute and watch the results fly in! Once you’ve distributed the message, start measuring, regularly check emails and monitor your website’s analytics. Furthermore, helping you make sure your landing page is easy to navigate. Look out for key metrics when you’re measuring marketing campaigns. Focus on Clicks, Click through Rate, Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate.

The Basic metrics need to create a sales funnel for reporting

  • How many users Clicked on the advertisement/email? — Defined as the number of clicks on your advertisement or email (whether it’s links or images)
  • How many users Clicked through & followed through and visited your website? — This is usually a percentage and it’ll vary based on the amount of messages received
  • After visiting how many users went ahead and made a purchase? (Conversion) If not, how many users turned away (Bounced)?
  • The best way to monitor the Direct Marketing element is to look at the “direct search statistics” to determine how many users visited the landing page without using a search engine. Additionally, set up a new phone line to ensure effectiveness.
  • You’ll begin to see a rise in traffic, and hopefully your message will convert users to your services. For most digital campaigns there are 2 main elements to consider DISTRIBUTION & CONTENT. You can be a best selling novelist, but if you target the wrong crowd you’ll blow your budget in the first 5 minutes. So put distribution first and watch your conversion rate increase.

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