GDG Ibadan — Ask Me Anything(AMA) with Emmanuel Obidiegwu

AMA with Emmanuel Obidiegwu (@blaise_zaga on twitter) was hosted by GDG Ibadan(GDG Ibadan) on 28th
April, 2018. The event which took place live on Google Hangouts on Air 
held for 55 minutes.

Emmanuel narrated his journey in the world of computing
starting from his 100 level days in the University of Ibadan.
According to Him, his motivation was drawn from his lecturer who 
introduced programming to him in simple way starting 
with pseudocodes that solve basic problems like making some food to eat.

Emmanuel also gave an account of how difficult it seems
solving some problems starting out and how consistency helped
him overcome. In his words, ‘if you don’t love doing what 
you do, you will be frustrated’

In the course of our chat with Emmanuel, he emphasized that
learning programming comes easy with time. Getting
on Java gave him some discipline as far as data structures is concerned

He learnt from as many books as he could lay hold on.
Taking on challenges no matter how difficult it may be 
formed part of his success story!

Emmanuel also advised that young Engineers or soon to be
software Engineers should learn from every resource at their
disposal;books, videos and mentors who can always be of help to them
when they are faced with challenges. Giving time to 
master the very basics of programming
(Data Structures, Algorithms etc.)goes a long way to 
determining how far you go and also how fast you grow in practice.

Goke Obasa (Goke Obasa), the Lead Organizer for GDG Ibadan rounded off the event and thanked everyone who made out time to attend the event.

See the full video of this 
editon of AMA here