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Aura App v3.1.1 released today!

Today we’re happy to announce that Aura App v3.0.1 was Added to master!

⚡️Live demo • 👩‍💻 GitHub • 🚀 Getting started 📽 Setup Video

What is Aura?

Project Aura App is the Web App that helps you to set Tech Communities with events, team, and management in a few minutes. The web app is created by GDG Jalandhar team experience of running meetups.

To get started, you need only basic knowledge of web technologies and a free Firebase account.

What’s new Aura v3.1.1?

Aura v3 Demo

Now Aura 3.0 can be used by GDGs communities, DSCs or any other tech communities. for managing Aura, we have also released Aura Admin.

Aura Admin


  1. Mobo Responsive
  2. Offline capabilities with Progressive Web App with Desktop

3. Easy in Management Aura Admin

4. Dark/Light Theme Mode

5. Push Notification from Aura Admin

6. Custom Event Page (Now No need to create the website for XYZ event)

7. Public Speaker Directory & Public URL for Promotion

8. Team member public URL for Self Branding

9. Design based on Material Design Guideline

10. Sync with Meetup API

Technology Stack

Read 🚀 docs for Aura & Aura Admin and start promoting your Community now!

Setup Video

What’s next?

In the upcoming next update, we’ll add Custom Email support with MailGun & Shorten URL Page to improve the User experience with other popular libraries, frameworks, and tools.

We as true geeks started experimenting, playing with new features and… decided NOT to upgrade, at least for the next three months. Instead, we will be working on the stability and new features for the current version.

If you want to challenge yourself and move forward to the Aura v5, we’re waiting for your Pull Request ❤️.

Thank you

All of our users, maintainers, early adopters, backers, feature and bug reporters.

Special thanks go to Team GDG Jalandhar & Team Aura (Bharat Agarwal)for all the sleepless nights and input to the project!



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