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Announcing DevFest Nairobi 2019 Speakers

This year's DevFest Nairobi will take place at USIU-Africa, Nairobi on the 19th of October 2019.

GDG DevFest is one of the largest technology conferences in Kenya. This year we are expecting 1500+ people in attendance.

Leveling Up as an Android Dev

We are very excited about the speakers lined up in what promises to be an insightful day. In fact it's touted to be the best show yet in Nairobi.

To kick us off, we have Moyinoluwa Adeyemi // GDG Lagos of Zola Electric Nigeria. She'll share her journey from Junior Android Developer to Team Lead. In addition to highlighting her evolution she'll share how you too can advance your career.

ZOLA Electric builds solar and storage power systems. They are specifically designed to work where there's no access to grid electricity.

Next up is Victor Akinwande of IBM Research - Africa, Research Engineer who will walk us through Defending deep learning models from adversarial attacks.

Deep learning models have been shown to be susceptible to being fooled by crafting small perturbations in their inputs. The effects of this behavior for models deployed in the real world can be severe.

Victor will lead a session exploring current literature and techniques in defending deep learning models against adversarial inputs. We’ll train a simple deep learning model for a classification task using Tensorflow and craft an adversarial attack for the model. Then we'll evaluate various defences and detectors using IBM’s open source adversarial robustness toolbox.

Then we have Anthony Okwachime of Google USA walking us through Bringing your application to life with Google AI/ML. Anthony is our keynote speaker on Cloud technologies.

Next up we have Felicity Mecha, the Product Manager for IOT at Africa’s Talking Ltd walking us through Machine learning on the edge. Felicity is also consulting for SERC on smart grids and integration of IOT to renewable energy systems.

Finally there'll be a Light up the web with lit-html 🔥 session with Mike Geyser // GDE South Africa. Mike Geyser is the Tech Team Lead at BBD. Mike is our keynote speaker on Web technologies.

He will demonstrate how low friction it is to work with lit-html and by the end of the session build an application with almost zero tooling. You know the best part? You'll get to build one too.

BBD is a premier custom software development company. It has been around for over 35 years.

Lit-html is a miniscule framework that leverages off of the modern web platform to make it efficient, expressive and extensible.

We have lots of activities and sessions lined up for the day; and lifetime networking opportunities.

More speakers and further agenda details will be announced between now and the show. Stay tuned!



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