Devfest, GDG VIT Vellore’s flagship event is for everyone!! It doesn’t matter if you are an average Joe wishing to make it Big or a PC master race champion, and here are a few reasons why you should be attending DevFest.


So, the best things are free right? Yeah and DevFest is too. Imagine a premium hackathon and an ideathon. Now imagine yourself paying nothing for it.Good right? Yes!!

Meet cool people

Each DevFest is inspired by and uniquely tailored to the needs of the developer community that we serve. You’ll often run into people or even work with people with diverse and shared interests. The true highlight is to find people who share the same passion for building something great. Networking is all the hype these days, DevFest is an amazing chance to enhance your little army of comrades.

Participation Certificate

For Participating you’ll receive a participation certificate, which in turn can be used for additional learning section of your course.

Learn from the best

Get a chance to meet, interact and learn from experienced speakers. These are people with years of experience in their respective industries.

Special Prizes for Women Participants

In addition to all mentioned before, special prizes will also be handed out. With one included for an all-girls team, as GDG VIT Vellore continues its commitment towards promoting women in technology, opening up a fair playground of opportunities for everyone!!

Let us be your guide

You’ll have the expertise of the GDG VIT Vellore team at your service, who will be there to answer queries, to hash out potential development ideas and to guide you when you run into a roadblock.

Build Something Cool

Ideate. Hack. Create. Repeat.

Get a hands on experience, try and learn, create something you can be proud of. Never forget to have fun at a DevFest. Understand the passion that drives the technical giants to build more stuff and make life simpler.

No Coding? No Problem!

Exclusively for first years, DevFest offers an 8-hour ideathon, your ticket to the world of tech.

Pizza + coffee = ❤

Will there be food ? If by food you mean pizza, and if by pizza you mean FREE PIZZA, then yes yes… Thousand times yes!!!! Add unlimited coffee to that, and DevFest has the making of a perfect Hackathon.

Lots of Schwags!

Who doesn’t love goodies? Grab lots of them just by participating, including GDG Goodie bags!!


All this?

Yupp, Register right now at,