Experiments I Did This Week With My Android Device — SYNC Enabled and Microsoft Applications

I love to play and experiment with my Android device and that’s what I do in my free time. This week when I was trying some new stuff I had a very different experience. That’s when I decided that I will write about all of these in a blog. All of my android related blogs and app suggestions will be based on my usage of Redmi Note 3.

Redmi Note 3 has a great battery life, due to a large battery (4000 mAh) and Xiaomi’s exclusive battery optimisation algorithm, which even after 1.5 years of usage (read excessive) still runs for around 16 hours. Over this course of time, I rarely kept the SYNC and GPS option on for maintaining a good battery life. This week I ordered a power bank and now I am fully assured that even after ultra excessive usage I won’t run out of battery so SYNC and GPS are always ON. I was surprised how it changed my experience with Android Applications.

Gmail got excited and started sending notifications for e-mails. Flipkart thought I am ultra rich and sent me notifications for purchasing TV’s, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Headphones in their so-called special sale. Saavn became a bit interesting with some good notifications of new and exclusive singles and charts meanwhile Facebook and Instagram became a bit more irritating with more unwanted notifications. They did consume a lot of battery and irritating notifications were a turn-off but yet it was something new.

Next thing I tried was some Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Home Page: Google Play Store

Microsoft has a bad reputation here in the Android market due to there failed products and thus users were reluctant about using their apps for daily use. Same was the case with me. But then again strange things happen to those who randomly download applications.

The first app I tried was SMS Organizer. I had a lot of spam messages coming in my inbox and I desperately needed an SMS filter app (I don’t use TrueCaller and don’t recommend others too just for privacy reasons). After doing hit and trial on various applications, I installed this app (without noticing the name of the developer) and believe me on this, I have not seen such a simple, clean and efficient SMS Manager app. Try it once before judging me on why I am writing and bragging about some stupid SMS app.

Next app is OneDrive. It is same as Google Drive but quite handy and simple. I do a lot of assignment submissions online and most of them are completed by me while I am on my phone. At the time of submission, I need the file on my laptop where Google Drive fails. In case of Google Drive, I have to go to the website and then download the file but in OneDrive, I have the application installed in my PC as well and this saves a lot of my time. On top of it, One Drive’s scanner is quite better than the latter.

After this, I decided to stop being a jerk and give their apps a try, I installed the “Microsoft Launcher” (read the god of awesome launchers). If you know me well, you know how much I love the MIUI and its awesome features but what Microsoft gave me on top of all of them was some fabulous stuff.

Microsoft Launcher
What the famous NOVA LAUNCHER had is all here but there are some more features which were not even there in any of the launchers. This launcher had everything awesome of every great launcher combined. I did use this launcher for almost 3 days but then again I couldn’t stay away from my love, MIUI.

One more cool app from Microsoft is To-Do app. Quite cliché right? Wrong. Microsoft is the boss of software and with this, they proved that no matter there may be millions of such applications, we will make one like them and it would surely be the best. This app is simple and this is what makes it awesome.

Microsoft To-Do App: Home Screen

After using all of these applications I had only one reaction: mind-blown.

​​​They have more such apps out there waiting for being explored. Try installing them and see if anyone of them helps you out in any way.

Thanks for reading.