Experiments with Getting an Internship!

I can’t wait for summer vacations to come soon enough.

Soon this nightmare of a semester will be over and I’ll be home free from studies and worries. But the last thing I want to do is wasting the vacation, binge watching some TV show! I have decided to do something productive while it helps me gaining some experience.

Well, what better than an internship!!

But in this day and age, of cut-throat competition, getting better grades than my contemporaries aren’t going to guarantee anything. My resume has to be impeccable and immaculate. It should be perfect up to a fault. Most importantly, it should stand out.

There are several ways of getting an internship these days. I can either go the traditional way by using previously known contacts or contacting college’s Placement office, but these days it’s necessary to go the extra mile and do something creative which someone else wouldn’t think.

Here are a few creative ideas which I researched from the internet. Some of these are outright wacky and would require one to be pretty good at what you do while some are exceedingly creative.

Some creative Ideas

  • Candidate contracts a billboard outside employer’s office!!
Save me from emigration

This is exactly what Irish man did during the recession which lead to huge job cuts and as a result led to people emigrating to other countries to find jobs. Now instead of following the trend, Féilim Mac Iomaire used his savings and put this up on a street in South Dublin. Soon enough, people were queuing up to give this guy a job!

  • Entering a competition

While it may seem pretty mundane, participating in a competition may actually be worth it. While most people are busy making resumes, you can actually take part in a competition going on in your city, college or university. These can drastically improve your chances of being hired by a prospective employer. These can help you in getting some technical know-how as well as getting certification from a recognized club/chapter or institute.

  • Mapping your skills and expertise

Now, this is pretty creative but also requires you to have traveled the world and have had quite a bit of experience.

mapping your skills

Ed Hamilton used Maps to show where he had worked using different colored pins and describing his experience in each country while detailing the work he did there.

  • Google Search Bar is the CV?

Eric Gandhi walked the extra mile ( no pun intended) to prove that he was serious about getting the job. He made a CV which looked like a Google search result. He was even called for a Google interview but ended up working with Ebay and Buzzfeed.

google search
  • Eye spy with the employer

Now, this may or may not work but it’s mighty creative. Alec Brownstein was very interested in working in advertising, and what better than Google AdWords. So he took out cheap 5$ ads with the name of hiring executives in the title. And who doesn’t like to Google themselves ?!
Ian Reichenthal of Young and Rubicam saw the ad, called Brownstein in for an interview and eventually hired him.

  • Sell Yourself… Literally

Akash Mittal of IIT Kharagpur did something absolutely crazy to stand out from the crowd. He made the Flipkart product site into his CV!
Akash literally sold himself like a product adding descriptions, ratings and even a pay package. He expanded in detail about his experience and skills in each heading.

sell yourself!
  • Get an infographic Resume. It’s hip!
info-graphic resume

Let’s admit it.It’s pretty cool to have an infographic resume! It instantly increases perception and value. It’s more catchy and it condenses everything about you in a single page replete with diagrams and pie charts. Getting a CV in such a format is easy and not as painstaking as it may seem and it’s worth the effort.

I hope these ideas help you get a big break as an internship. You never know thinking out of the box may even let you a bumper job offer let alone internship.
All the best guys!! Summer is here. Grab your internship now.

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