Get to know GDG VIT Vellore: Prerit Kimtani

A robust structure implies a strong foundation. GDG is as reputed and valued as it is today because of its strong “Foundation”. One of the pillars of our foundation is “Prerit Kimtani“.

Born in Guwahati and brought up in Varanasi, Prerit was always passionate about technology and pursued his BCA+MCA from VIT.

How it all started:

Prerit’s passion for web development and Android blossomed in his third year at VIT when he was working on a project for an app-based Faculty portal. He started a promising project with the CollegeCode team to build an Android app for faculty attendance but he couldn’t reach completion due to lack of time.

Meanwhile he came to know about GDG through his friend Kundan Mishra who was a founding member. At that time there were hardly five to six people in the chapter. Hence, Prerit joined as a founding member and later, through his hard work and dedication, went on to become the President.

The Work:

Being the former President of the chapter, Prerit has been involved with almost all the projects like MyVIT etc. But as an individual he had initiated CodeJam, wherein one individual would get certified in Android by Udacity and help others learn Android. Before being the President, he had worked with the team to make our first campus event- Polymers, a huge success. He also interned for a month with in the TBI (Technology Business Incubator) at VIT.

The Experience:

“I can’t put to words the memories I have had at GDG, working on projects with Sarthak and Shamvil and the fun at the meetings”

Prerit counts GDG’s first campus event Polymers as his best experience in GDG. The first team of GDG VIT Vellore had pulled off an amazing event in the campus and got appreciated by everyone. He says, “In GDG we just don’t come for the sake of the brand of Google, we are those who really spend sleepless nights to make a difference.” The mission of our chapter was and is to make a change with our projects and this event had a real impact.

In his time, Prerit had seen many chapters open and close in the VIT campus. “They all start with a mission but lose it somewhere down the lane. We at GDG always ensured that the same fortune doesn’t follow us. Quality is something GDG has always maintained.”

The Impact:

Like every member, GDG VIT Vellore helped Prerit learn a lot more than he would ever have learnt in the classroom or by himself and it helped him pick up important tech-based skills. “Through GDG I came across the best group of people who were really talented and hard working. And working with those people I have learned a lot. People like Shamvil, Sahil, Sarthak and many others were really talented and I have learned a lot being with them”

The important thing is to work with a group of people who think like you and provide the knowledge and resources which can help you realise your potential. This helped him a lot.


Currently, he holds a lot of enthusiasm for web development and works with MintM (a display BoT Startup based out of Bangalore) as a full stack web developer.

More about him:

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