Get To Know GDG VIT Vellore: Raichu

The design team at GDG has many talented artists, who keep pushing themselves to get better everyday. One of those members is Yashudhar Raikchak-Ha Reang, though the people who know him usually just call him Raichu. He is extremely dedicated to his craft, and enjoys a huge following on Instagram. He wants to inspire others, push to improve himself and share his art with the world. We get down for a chat with him to know what drives him, his interests and his never-give-up attitude.

How did you come across GDG, and how has it helped you?

I came to know about GDG from the seniors of my batch like Vishal and Sauraj.

GDG has helped me to explore the world of designs and illustrations because GDG expects a certain quality and to match that quality, we have to look for inspiration and various art styles. It is solely due to exploration and experimentation, GDG has helped me realize that we must push ourselves to deliver that quality.

Share a memory or incident with us about GDG.

I’ll share a story with you. I was initially rejected when I tried to get into the design team for GDG, and honestly my portfolio wasn’t up to the mark. But then instead of cribbing about it, I started working on my weak points and practiced illustrations daily. My work was appreciated and in the very next semester, I was in GDG.

What has been your best work, for you personally?

For me personally, I still don’t have any “best” work for now. I always say that the best is yet to come, because honestly I am still learning and I have a lot to improve on. But if I had to choose, the 46 days of my Iron Man Project would be closest to my heart. I was determined to illustrate daily without rest for 46 days and in the end it was all worth it.

(You can see the beginning of his project here)

What are your other interests?

My other interests include dancing because there’s a lot of creativity and freedom involved which is similar to art. I also like watching a lot of movies and TV shows.

What does the future hold for you?

I would like to see myself making quality work and reach that level where I can inspire others like I’ve been inspired by so many artists. I want to keep learning and keep experimenting and contribute something to the world of design.

You have a very popular Instagram page. Can you tell us something about it?

I started my page in December 2015 and started posting art from Star Wars, Marvel and DC among others. Never in my wildest dreams could I have known that some of my art and edits were gonna blow up and be shared by so many big pages. And then my page also started growing because of my edits of Deadpool, Flash, Iron Man and Batman vectors among others.

Raichu regularly posts on his Instagram page and you can check out his work here.