Get to Know GDG VIT Vellore : RAM KISHORE

It has not been long I met him. I was looking for someone who could help me with my android queries. I asked a member of GDG-VIT to help me out. Giving me a ludicrous look, he shouted, “Go to RAM KISHORE, you idiot. He’s one of the top 50 Android Developers in India”. I was flabbergasted. I wanted to know more about him and here I am today, writing about him and still in awe of the person he is.

So, How it all began? I wondered…

I met him the first time during our GDG meeting. We started discussing some of my doubts related to android. I was taken by surprise with his knowledge in the subject and my eagerness finally popped the question you all have been ruminating on, “how did you make it to the top 50?

He said, and I quote,”If I had to answer this in one line, I can simply say if there was no GDG-VIT, I would have not been a developer today. I would have prolly been in some other field.”

His Works:

He has undertaken a lot of projects in GDG like DevFest’15 app, Clean VIT, Share paper, Play me, etc. The one that is close to his heart is Clean VIT as at that time (2015) it had best possible technologies used like GeoFire (location based queries), FireAuth etc. and that was very challenging to build along with Prince.

Going into the Flashback:

He gave a sigh of bliss and said”To be frank there are lots and lots of memorable moments but the one which I would never forget was when I wrongly defined the SharedPreference variable as “MyPref” in one place and “MyPrefs” in another place and was scratching my head for 7 hrs and at last Prince came and tapped my head and removed the extra ’s’.

Another stupid moment was when me and Prince got confused on the first function that gets called in activity that is like forgetting order of Alphabets confused between onStart() or onCreate(). I loved the moments where we as a team used to code till morning 5am and then go outside the campus and have a tea and then return to our rooms to get ready for 8am classes.”

What is he doing right now?

He is about to finish his Software Engineering Internship with Skcript and as he enters his 5th year. He replies saying, ”I just want to relax a bit both physically and mentally till October and be prepared for something big”. He has a big responsibility of carrying forward the Banglore based startup in which he is one of the Co-Founders and an Android Developer, named expY. Close to 8 companies are interested in his work and are ready to collaborate for the good. “But frankly I haven’t decided anything right now. Hopefully I will make a good decision in the coming period”, said Ram.

Future Plans:

Will you be in touch with the GDG community? He said,”I will definitely join GDG BlrDroid soon after I start working this December. I am about to have a discussion about the same with Amrit Sanjeev, the lead of GDG BlrDroid when I meet him in August in App Excellence Summit.”

“Was it all worth it?, I asked”

“Golden”, he exclaimed. “It brought a life to me. Its only because of GDG what I am today. The journey of being mentored by an outstanding person, Prince Bansal, and to mentoring all the junior developers in the current team and leading the Android Team. I have enjoyed every bit of it. Now, GDG is getting stronger year by year with the quality of people coming in. I really want this legacy to be carried forward in a right way.”

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