Get to know GDG VIT Vellore — Sauraj Babu

While talking about technology, most of us forget about a crucial part of the package — the designing. Would you drive a Mercedes if it didn’t look the same? Would apple have sold that many phones if it looked any different? No and so design matters plenty. Similarly, GDG VIT Vellore owes a big chunk of its success and achievements to its designers. One of them was Sauraj Babu.

Hailing from Thrissur in Kerala, Sauraj joined VIT to pursue Multimedia and Animation. He believes that design holds the power to tell a convincing story.

How the journey began:

Like many students at VIT, Sauraj was walking towards TT (Technology Tower) when he saw posters of GDG. Fascinated, he went on to the recruitment and soon ended up being one of the first designers at GDG.

The Work:

Much of the work started with making posters for the events and projects but later diversified into designing key aspects of the projects. Sauraj contributed to the Riviera website, Polymer (Fist campus event by GDG VIT Vellore), MyVIT app, VIT Website and hackathons.

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Some of the posters[/caption]

You can check out more of his work on:

The Experience:

“The most memorable days were the initial days of GDG, where there was just a room full of guys with passion and drive to make it the next big thing.”
Sauraj recalls that in the meetings, they would build a lot of crazy stuff from videos that played on multiple screens at the same time, apps with crazy designs and illustrations with a meaning. He thoroughly enjoyed working hard with team spirit so much so that even though he isn’t a part of GDG VIT Vellore anymore, he would love to be a part of GDG, most preferably in Bangalore where he now lives.

The impact:

“We always tried to give our best and that is one of the best skills i learned from the team. We worked hard and gave a 100%. I still try to do the same professionally.”
GDG inculcated in Sauraj important values like professionalism and hard work.


Sauraj now pursues his passion for designing at Keastone.

At keastone, he works on the core visual design aspects of the products, including building a sustainable design system, visual communication and building convincing stories through animated sequences for product communication.

More about him:

You can find out more about Sauraj and his work at:

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