Google wants to find you the perfect job — Google For Jobs

Technology giant Google has always been solving common problems relevant to our generation. Its elegant approach and use of sophisticated technology only add on to its reputation. The company has been making lots of progress in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and has used them already in Allo and Google Photos successfully. However, expansion and problem solving have always been on Google’s mind. This is why Google is incorporating Machine Learning and AI into a service to help you find the right job — Google for Jobs.

After the I/O event this year, CEO Sundar Pichai said Google will launch Google For Jobs as a part of the Google search in the US in the coming weeks and later launch it globally. After connecting teachers and students via Google for Education, Google envisions to better connect employers and job seekers.

Surprisingly, the project will begin by partnering with Facebook, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor and other similar platforms.

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How it works:

Users can filter jobs by category, title, location, work hours, date posted etc. It will also show additional features such as commute time and commute alternatives. This can help users decide whether their workplace is too far away or not. The service will focus on all types of jobs — from entry level to high-end professional jobs. A one-click “Apply” feature — showing how you could press a big blue button to submit your application, was briefly discussed. Google for Jobs aims to do better than its counterparts by returning more accurate results with the help of its Machine Learning capabilities. The Machine Learning tech will come into play when users type search words that are not globally used or are directly listed. For example “Retail jobs” will display positions that employers have described as “sales associate”, “store manager”, “store clerk” etc.

Google has been testing a cloud jobs API for the last year. This API allows company career sites, job boards, applicant tracking systems and staffing agencies to improve the job search experience of job seekers who visit their sites and apps. Johnson and Johnson quoted that the API resulted in an 18% increase in applicants.

The most exciting part about Google for Jobs is the use of Machine Learning and AI to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. This differentiates it from other competitive sites. Google is tapping into its core capabilities as a company. It is transitioning from searching and organizing to the use of Machine Learning and AI to simplify technology and lives.