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Hackjudge — From Inception to Application

An event managing application developed in-house at GDSC VIT to create and manage events from start to finish.

  1. The participant’s side for letting participants/teams submit their ideas [the “hack” part]
  1. My backend API was never tested by a frontend dev, so I was never too sure of the fact that all routes that were needed by the frontend were made by me
  1. They can create a team (which generates a unique team code)
  2. The team code can be shared for letting others request to join your team
  3. The team leader (who created the team) can allow participants to join and also remove already made members
  4. The leader can submit the idea, edit it and also delete the team
  5. Emails are sent when someone joins the team or leaves the team or when the team is deleted [made using Amazon’s SMS]

January 2021

My next semester in college, a new project commenced for me. It was Pipo — an application for creating your own personalized scrapbook, the backend of which I had made under the guidance of my mentor, Riddhi Gupta. Here is a link to its repo:

  1. A route that lets you send a JSON with all details for your admin portal and the route pushes the respective data to its attributes in the database and then you can use the UI to score your participants and review the teams.



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