Know GDG-VIT: Anurag Tiwari

Hailing from the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh; known for juggling between Machine Learning, Big Data, Node.js and other hot-listed and recent technologies, whilst lightening the mood and gluing the team members with his niche sense of humor- is Anurag Tiwari for you.

The Start

Captivated by the word ‘Google’ , Anurag decided to join GDG VIT in 2014 when he was in his fourth semester of college. Learning new technologies overnight to wrap up the assigned task during recruitments proves his fervent desire to be a part of one of the best chapters in VIT even in its infancy.

Work Stack

Set foot as a Web Developer, Anurag progressively scaled to building over a dozen skills to boast upon, being a part of GDG VIT. He along with former GDGians- Amit, Sarthak, Sauraj and Shamvil, developed the Riviera(Cultural Fest of VIT) 2014 website and optimized it both in terms of design as well as marketing.

Deeply inspired by the works of Alan Turing and keeping in lines with the GDG vision, he wanted to develop something that could be of help to the masses. Relief Chennai- a website to support those affected by the 2016 floods by linking NGO and volunteer contacts for food and shelter -is a testimony to the fact. This project was completed with the help of Thiyagaraj,Rishi and Ashwini. SharePaper- an android app to share question papers hassle free made along with Ramkishore and Raichuk , is another of his projects.

Community Leader at Udacity for College and Leader at Atlassian User Group are a few add-ons to his accolades.

Sculpted to write fluid backend code and his in-depth machine learning knowledge bagged him an Internship at one of the most well-known competitive coding platforms- HackerRank. No brownie points for guessing he bagged a PPO(Pre-placement Offer) there too.

You can view his projects at:

Walking Down the Memory Lane

Anurag, expresses his gratitude to the GDG community and seniors like Sarthak, Piyush and Prerit who helped him not only sharpen his technical skills but also taught him how to be a good leader , exemplifying the same. “Working upto 6 in the morning, convincing the guards to permit them to leave the campus so early for tea, brainstorming ideas over coffee at CCD, impulsive drives to Pondicherry overnight-dear friendships were forged and crazy memories were created amidst all this”, reminisces Anurag. The friends he made in GDG describe him to be a good listener, tantrum handler and thrower, someone who has worked hard to achieve what he has and a fun company to be with.

He’s also a Hackathon genius known for making and breaking things up. One such hackathon he fondly cherishes is the MyGola Hackthon where he and his team-Amit,Ashwini,Shubhodeepand Gautham bagged the 2nd prize by building a travel app that uses user’s photos to rate the places they visit and using social profiles to find their interested places and recommending the best trip to them under budget.

As someone who has been a close friend and a roommate for the past 2 years, Amit Rai-former GDG tech member- says “Anurag has always been one of the most proactive,result oriented,responsible,passionate and technically sound people I have worked with. He is someone who possesses exceptional skills at troubleshooting problems, comes up with solutions in methods mostly overlooked and is always on his toes to help out people in and out of his network. His down to earth nature helps him in reconciling with everyone and also in understanding his shortcomings from his team members.”

The Present

Anurag has accepted the PPO and is going to work with the popular competitive coding Platform- HackerRank as a Software Engineer. He wishes to continue supporting and mentoring the community by joining GDG Bangalore soon.

Intrigued much? Check out his LinkedIn Profile: